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A2 OrganicMilk

We bring to you original Gir Cow A2 Milk from home-bred Gir cows. It is raw, natural and 100% preservative-free. A2 milk is here to bless you with necessary nutrients such as Calcium, Protein, Potassion for a healthy body. Buy A2 Organic milk online and experience the taste of goodness with Girija A2 Gir Cow Milk.

A2 Organic Ghee

A2 Ghee from Girija is free from adulteration, pesticides, chemicals & preservatives. Our A2 Organic Ghee is made by using the Bilona method, the Gir milk is first boiled and cooled and made into Dahi in the room temperature. The curd is then wood churned called as Bilona method. Our A2 Ghee is easy to digest and even provides a good source of protein for a healthier tomorrow. Buy A2 Organic Ghee online and experience the taste of goodness with Girija A2 Gir Cow

Organic Paneer

We all know how Paneer rules the indian households specially for Vegetarians, so it's best to choose protein-licious paneer over processed paneer to lead a healthy life. Obtained from Indian Gir cow, Girija's A2 Paneer is packed with nutrients, that's free to hormones and chemicals.

A2 Organic Khava/Khoya

Never think twice before filling your tummy with Gulab Jamun or your faviurite ladoo. Girija's A2 Milk Khoya is the best base for all your sweet dishes. Free from preservatives, chemicals & sugar. Buy A2 Organic Khaoya from Girija and never compromise on sweet dishes again!

A2 Organic Curd

Bless your guts with Girija's A2 Curd - A Dahi that's healthy in and out, delivered to you in the purest form! A spoonful of A2 curd is enough to keep you healthy in a long run. Free from any preservatives, chemicals and sugar. Buy Now to get the best of health.

A2 Organic Butter

Girija's A2 Butter is made from pure A2 Desi Cow Milk. Never miss the opportunity to make A2 butter as your main ingredient in your tasty cuisine. Buy A2 Organic Butter online and have finger-licking taste with Girija A2 Gir Cow Milk Butter.

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