About Us.

Welcome to Girija A2 Milk Farm

Girija A2 Milk is a Pune-based farm based in Talegaon Dhamdhere. We provide A2 milk in Pune and deliver all over Pune directly from farm to your home as per your preferred glass-bottles or milk pouches. Our A2 cow milk is pure and fresh, we feed organic food to our cattle which is chemical and hormones free.

Call to get us. +91 8149932011
Why Choose Us ?

We are very skilled in dairy farming.

Here's How We're Genuine, Unique, And Special From the Other Farmers And Milk Producers.

We believes in providing the best quality products that can serve as a symbol for purity and freshness, to every consumer and hopes to initiate the industry to do the same.Hence we ensure that every drop of our milk is packed with all of its natural goodness right from farm to fridge.

Our mission it to provide pure, fresh and unadulterated milk to every consumer


Gir A2 Cow milk is 100% Natural.

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